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I'll never tell chapter 4 - NBC's Heroes: Claire/Zach Shippage [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
NBC's Heroes: Claire/Zach Shippage

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I'll never tell chapter 4 [Jun. 12th, 2008|11:16 am]
NBC's Heroes: Claire/Zach Shippage


Title: I'll Never tell. Chapter 4
Fandom: Heroes,
Author: Tom_tj
Word Count: approx. 4200
Rating: For the whole story when posted, probably what a 15 movie would get
Summary: Post Distractions. Claire can't believe that her father has wiped her mums memory and can't help but think he'll do the same to Zach again. Meanwhile Zach has his own secrets that could destroy his rebuilt friendship with Claire after only a few days, or will it bring them closer together?
Notes: I've only just started watching Heroes, so i've only seen up to Distractions, (Zach's last episode) and i felt like if they felt him on the show then there would have been a way for the to of them to start dating. All those little looks between them seemed too natural to be all acting. So this is my way of correcting the mistake of writing him out and having Claire leave.
Disclaimer: If I did own Heroes, then Zach wouldn't have had his mind wiped, he would have stayed on the show and there's a good chance something like this might have happened


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