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Heroes/Gilmore Girls - Paradox [Jan. 18th, 2008|07:43 pm]
NBC's Heroes: Claire/Zach Shippage



Title: Paradox
Fandom: Heroes, Gilmore Girls
Author: leezh
Beta reader: karathephantom
Characters: Claire, Zach, Jess Mariano
Word Count: approx. 2600
Rating: PG-13 'coz of a little bit of curse words
Summary:   Zach cannot believe he agrees to go to New York with Claire to look for a guy that she claims cannot possibly be her uncle. His name, Jess Mariano, resembles nothing like Peter Petrelli, and didn't she say that Uncle Peter had gone nuclear - or something?
Notes: It is set after 'How to Stop an Exploding Man'. A crossover with Gilmore Girls, also a companion piece (sort of sequel) to ' Doppelganger' , which I recommend to be read before proceeding with this piece. Written for fivebyfiction challenge at Livejournal, though it supposed to be Paire... I guess you can still see it that way, though now it leans more to Jess/Claire! =) As for a continuation, I include a hint of it in the fic, but to be truthful it's still in the brainstorming cabinet. =)
Disclaimer: If I did own both of these awesome shows, the Heroes universe would be fused with Gilmore Girls already.


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